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I have been a long term chiropractic patient and have never seen service like Dr. Maass and his staff provide. Dr. Maass gives the most comprehensive exams and quality adjustments I’ve ever received in my entire life.

Miranda H.

I feel 120% better than when I walked in earlier this year. The therapeutic massage is exceptional!

Lisa B.

I’ve went from complete agony to new beginnings. They are more than just chiropractors. They care, they understand. God blessed me here and you’ll be blessed too.

Yvonne M.

Dr. Maass and his team have given me pain free days for the first time in years. They have an incredibly well rounded practice that is much more than just “getting an adjustment.” They know their clients and are very aware of your treatment plan and where it needs to go from there. The individualized care is incredible.

Matt H.

It’s refreshing to have a Doctor that actually cares about his patients. Dr. Maass was actually interested in helping me get well.

Glenn H.

Motus is your one stop shop. I’m not a number when I walk into the office. . I have a name and a tailored treatment plan designed for me and my needs.

Sherene P.

Exceptional staff, great resources, and very modern equipment. This office is much more welcoming and equipped to handle a variety of needs than most chiropractic offices. They take a much more wholistic approach to your health than any I’ve experienced elsewhere.

Erica D.

I love this place. Everyone in the office is incredible. Their number one priority is to bring health and healing to their clients. I’m so thankful for their dedication and hard work. They treat every aspect of health and wellness. I highly recommend them to all my family and friends.

Cindy L.

I’m not new to chiropractic and have been seen by some of the best around. I am very happy to have found somewhere close to home that I can trust for my chiropractic care!

Jennifer L.

Getting treated at Motus has been an incredible experience. Everyone is over the top friendly and courteous. It really feels like you’re stopping in to see friends. The treatment has been wonderful as my pain level is the lowest it’s been in years.

Mark L.

I came into this clinic at the last minute before they closed because of severe pain. Even as a new walk in patient they made the time to get me an appointment and thoroughly assessed my concerns. I left feeling better than I thought was possible. I can’t recommend them enough.

Amber M.

I have never seen them without a smile on their face. Motus Chiropractic is a great place to go if you are experiencing pain anywhere in your body. I highly recommend Dr. Maass and his staff! I call them Miracle Workers.

Dianna D.

Teammates and coaches… Not only do they know how to help you, but they take you along the journey with step by step instructions. I came in with multiple injuries and I feel each incident is being evaluated and processed individually.

Alton G.

I have been to other chiropractors in the past but I have never had such an awesome experience! The staff is concerned for their patients and very courteous. “Thank you” just doesn’t express my gratitude for the relief you have brought into my life.

Robert P.

Every time I go in to get adjusted, Dr. Maass is able to pin point the areas that are causing me problems. I’ve suffered from chronic headaches my whole life. After being adjusted, my head almost immediately feels better.

Tabitha S.

The team at Motus is awesome! I originally went in to ease some pain and tension and now have moved on to maintain the work they did and keep my body adjusted and feeling great. Unlike other chiropractors I’ve been to, here you are not just another case; you are a friend. That’s why I’ll continue to see the team at Motus for years to come. After being adjusted, my head almost immediately feels better.

Josh H.

Best decision I have made for my health that has greatly improved quality of life.

David A.

I came to Motus as a last chance of getting help vs. having another shoulder surgery. They have ALL been so helpful & I’m very happy to say that I haven’t had surgery & I’m actually starting to notice a BIG difference in how I feel on a daily basis! So very Thankful & Grateful to have found Motus Chiropractic.

Kim M.

Dr. Maass and his caring staff respectfully give excellent care and are virtuoso’s in their field.

Cindy S.

I have been treated by many chiropractors and osteopaths throughout my whole life, and over the years that I have known and been treated by Dr. Maass, I can honestly say he is not only one of the most knowledgeable doctors, but also one of the most talented when it comes to adjusting. I highly, highly recommend going to see Dr. Maass and his friendly staff.

Layton G.

My teenage son is a very competitive athlete who has always had a high pain tolerance but he was at the point of taking 6+ ibuprofen a day and in tears after any intense workout due to neck, back, and hip pains. After working with Motus Chiropractic for about 2 weeks, he completely stopped taking all ibuprofen and felt like a brand new kid again.

Sarah L.

Jeremy and his staff are outstanding. I had constant lower back issues. They now have me back to normal doing work in the yard with no pain.

Jim D.

The best chiropractor I’ve been to. Dr. Maass takes care of you with a very effective approach and the whole staff is very friendly and professional. That’s why I make the trip from Weatherford to Yukon. It is definitely worth the drive for me!

Donnie V.

My wife has been to a lot of doctors for her back and neck issues with no relief. She has been seeing Dr. Maass for a few weeks now and the improvement has been nothing short of miraculous! He and his staff have made a significant difference in her daily life. We couldn’t be more pleased with the progress.

Jason H.

From the first moment you walk in, you know you’re in good hands. I was medically retired from the USMC for back injuries and even with pain meds and serious procedures my pain level never dropped below a 3-4; now with their help I’m averaging a 1-2 and we’re still improving. It’s safe to say that Motus knows what they are doing and they CAN help you!

Brandon C.

I have severe scoliosis and have been in constant pain for years. In June I started seeing Dr. Maass, and now I am almost pain free. He helped me immensely, and I can’t imagine ever going back to the life I was living before. I feel like a new person.

Patricia M.

The best experience I have ever had in Chiropractic care. From the moment you walk in, you are treated with a sense of healing for the whole body. I am so thankful for this team of professionals.

Christy R.

When I found out about Motus from my neighbor, I was suffering from incessant upper back and neck pain that radiated all the way down my arm, causing my every moment to be miserable. I tried everything from pain pills, balms, topical pain relievers; nothing was helping and there was no relief in sight. Dr. Maass and his talented staff would soon change all that. I have never been to a place so multifaceted as this; you will find the finest Doctor of Chiropractic around, one of the best rehab guys I have met, a deep tissue guy that just works miracles, and office staff that are like family. Motus is truly a one-stop-shop, you do not need to go anywhere else. I am now pain free and I function at 100%. Hopefully you have time to read all this, but I guess I could have kept it shorter by simply saying: Motus will change your life, for the better!

Nate S.

BEST Chiro I’ve EVER been to! EVERYONE that works there is phenomenal! Motus doesn’t just treat you that day, they ensure you are set to feel better for the long haul! I cannot thank each of them enough for the complete wellness care and compassion. Motus is putting me back in Motion!

Kristin H.

Professional, courteous, friendly, and above-the-bar knowledgeable! Both Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Luke are extremely knowledgeable and are truly caring about their patients! With other doctors, specialists, and medical facilities, performing a huge variety of tests over a period of 6 years including multiple MRI’s, multiple CAT scans, and extensive blood tests – none of them could figure out in 6 years what Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Luke did in 1 visit! I feel I have Hope restored now to be able to return to a normal lifestyle in the coming days ahead.

Wilson M.

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