Knee Pain

Non-Surgical Knee Pain Solution

If there was a non-surgical, non-invasive solution that could help end your knee pain and do it without months of down time, would you want to know about it?

We want to show you how you can eliminate your knee pain without drugs and potentially regenerate both cartilage and space in the knee joint, saving you from invasive surgeries and other harmful procedures, with something known as knee decompression therapy.

Fast Acting Knee Pain Relief

Knee decompression helps reduce pain and inflammation in the joint by using specific, gentle forces to open the joint and improve movement, circulation, and healing. In many cases this provides an instant sense of relief by off-loading these chronically inflamed and overloaded joints in your knee, especially in the case of those with near bone-on-bone knee damage.

Lasting Healing

While the instant relief is nice, there’s a lot more to it than this. The amazing part is that decompression actually creates a vacuum within the knee joint, causing new fluid to be pulled into the joint. It is this new fluid that carries a variety of healing factors into the damaged joint, allowing it to heal itself over time.

In addition to the knee decompression, we also use several other therapies both in the office and at home in order to fully treat your knee problem, regardless of the cause. Some of our most commonly used therapies are as follows: Cold Laser – we use cold laser therapy over the knee joint while it is fractioned open in order to further improve healing and blood flow. Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF) – We use PEMF to drive electromagnetic healing frequencies all the way through the knee joint.
Trigenics- Trigenics is a Myoneural soft tissue treatment that we use to reset the neurological balance of the muscle tissues surrounding the knee. Joint Manipulation – We use extremity manipulation to realign joint spaces in the knee and surrounding joints. Nutrition – We use various nutritional strategies in order to further boost blood flow and healing and decrease inflammation. Corrective Exercise – Rehabilitating muscles is vital to your long term improvement and results. We will show you exactly what to do and when. Home Therapy – We use several forms of home therapy to complement what we do in the office. InfraRed Light Therapy and Electrical Current therapy are two of the most effective that we use in conjunction with knee treatments. We may use some or all of these treatments (as well as others not listed) in any given case, depending on what the cause is and the severity of the problem.

We see people all the time who are frustrated and hopeless with where they are at in the beginning, go on to finish our program and walk away with a new lease on life. We would love to see you be one of the same! If you are interested to see if this could be a solution for your knee pain, simply give us a call or click the link below!

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