50.2 Million Americans Suffer From Chronic Pain. Do Not Let That Be You.


A painful type of nerve damage that can come in symptoms such as burning or tingling in hands and feet. Find natural treatments without sugery or dependence on medications

Joint Pain

Eliminate knee pain without drugs and regenerate both cartilage and space in the knee joint, no invasive surgeries and other harmful procedures, with something known as knee decompression therapy.


Relief from autoimmune disorders such as Thyroid, Hashimotos, Arthritis, Gut issues and much more! All natural treatments without medication dependency or surgery. Schedule a consultation today.

We use many techniques at Motus Health, however all of them have one primary goal in mind. That is to improve brain function which we know will lead to a higher quality of life for you; regardless of what you are facing. The most efficient way that we are able to impact brain health is through correcting joint motion in your body. Thinking back to the concept that structure dictates function, the muscles and joints in your body provide communication signals to your brain, and your brain is then able to react and adapt as needed.

What Our Patients Say

“I was not familiar with chiropractic treatments. I was pleasantly surprised. I had neck and shoulder pain from lifting at work as a nurse. Dr. Maass diagnosed my condition quickly and started a treatment plan with spinal adjustments. My pain was relieved in a matter of days! I was also taught exercises to strengthen the muscles that can prevent pain in the future!”

-Lori Parker

“All I can say is WOW! The entire staff knows you by name and truly cares about your overall well-being. They explained the “why” of my issues and the steps that would be taken to get me back no track. They didn’t just make an adjustment and send me on my way. I am so thankful for Motus Chiropractic.”

-Kim Kennedy

“I have been a patient of Motus Chiropractic for over 3 years, with Dr. Maas, Jared, Paul and the entire staff’s support since prior to my third back surgery and knee issues due to combat injuries while in the military. They have been instrumental in helping me through my surgery and maintaining since! I can’t say how appreciative I am for the care they have provided me!”

-Jamey Whitehorn

“Motus chiropractic is an amazing natural health practice option. Both my husband and i have experienced measurable progress in our Heath journey with out a single prescription drug. Customer service and hospitality are always top tier. Motus offers numerous treatment plans to fit all budgets and level of desired health.”

-Karley Webb

“Dr Mass and his staff are awesome. I have seen many chiropractors in my lifetime, but none of them have taken the time time find the root cause of my pain. The treatment plan that Dr Mass created for me is specific to my needs. I would highly recommend him above any other chiropractor.”

-Carol Diezel

A Story From One Of Our Patients

When it comes to chronic illness, finding answers can be frustrating. Our comprehensive approach gets to the root cause of your illness so we can provide an effective treatment plan. Our goal is to get you feeling good again

How Integrated Care Works For You.

What to expect when you visit Motus Health. We create personalized treatments plans catered to your specific needs and your body. We take time to assess your health problems to help you truly heal.


Contact us today to schedule a consultation in our office and afterward, we will be able to tell you if we are the right fit for you and your health needs or not.

Patient Exam

To begin the recovery journey, we will give all new patients an exam. Oftentimes people know they are in pain, but are not sure of the cause. Here at Motus Health, we find the root of the problem. We do not want to put a bandaid on the problem, but a permanent fix.

Review Findings

We go over results from the exam and put together a custom plan designed for you. You are then on your way to optimal health!

Meet Dr. Jeremy Maass

I am originally from Okarche, Oklahoma, born and raised there until I went off to college at Oklahoma State University to become an Athletic Trainer (with that said however, I was born and bred a Sooner and nothing will ever change that). I wanted to go become an athletic trainer after suffering a couple knee injuries of my own. I have torn my ACL 3 times now, all of which were non-contact injuries, meaning I didn’t get hit, they just ruptured while running and cutting. This means that I most likely had some pretty substantial imbalances that predisposed me to these injuries that, if they would have been treated appropriately, maybe I would not have ever gotten injured at all. That became my goal. To find and fix problems before they are problems.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

At Motus Health we are able to achive health success from many patients that come through our door. We cusomize plans to fit your needs but don’t just take our word. See what our previous patients have to say about us. Click below to view testimonials from real people.

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