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Our Vision

We believe people are designed for more, more than just getting by, limping through life dealing with your pain or problems – we were designed for so much more than that; and it’s our job to help get them there. You see, oftentimes people with chronic health challenges feel that they have been everywhere and tried everything for their problem, and that they still don’t have any answers. They get stuck in the “tic-for-tac” model of just taking a pill for a problem and moving on, in essence just treating the symptom and not doing anything for the real cause of the problem.Worse yet, most people give up hope that anything could ever change simply because they’ve had their problems for so long. We overcome this by treating your body as a whole, from head-to-toe, so that we can find and fix the root cause, allowing you to become truly healthy.” We exist to serve those who have been everywhere and tried everything and still are getting nowhere and wondering what comes next. It’s our mission as a clinic that no matter who walks in our door, no matter what chronic health challenge they face, that we are their absolute best option at finding true health and healing. Excellence, Integrity, and Love  are our core values and define everything we do. If this all sounds great and resonates with you, then please apply now!

Is This You?


Highly skilled at administrative tasks


Loves details and numbers


Quick learner


Good with technology


Checklist oriented


Thrives in high paced environments


Works well in a team setting


Genuinely cares for and wants to help people

Our Core Values


Every detail matters because every person matters.

We will bring our absolute best to every situation. Every. Single. Day. 

Our patients desperately need higher quality care than what they can receive elsewhere, 

so we will become better for them. 


What we do when no one is watching is what defines us.

We do the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do. Always. 

Our patients must be able to trust us, and we must be able to trust each other. 

Therefore, honesty and integrity is paramount to every decision we make. 


We are nothing without Love. 

Our office will always be a place of warmth, hope, and peace when people walk through our doors.

We will always provide a friendly smile, a warm hug, 

or a shoulder to cry on when they need it.  

Without genuine love, compassion, and empathy for people; 

nothing else matters.

Hear From One Of Our Patients

Patients Love

Motus Health

All I can say is WOW! The entire staff knows you by name and truly cares about your overall well-being. They explained the “why” of my issues and the steps that would be taken to get me back no track. They didn’t just make an adjustment and send me on my way. I am so thankful for Motus Chiropractic.

Kim – Yukon

Join A Team Passionate About Real Impact

Wish you worked at a place that truly made an impact in people’s lives? Worked with a team who has each other’s backs? Practice what they preach and always show up with purpose!